The Heydaze

New York City's musical makeup remains just as diverse as its cultural identity. The Upper West Side now claims its own cleverly catchy pop outfit in THE HEYDAZE — Jesse Fink [vocals, guitar], Andrew "Wonderberg" Underberg [producer, keyboardist], Andrew Spelman [lead guitar], and
Alexander Glantz [drums].

In 2013, Jesse approached Wonderberg with song ideas he had been working on with his University of Pennsylvania buddy Andrew. As family friends, the producer and vocalist go way back to when Jesse's parents paid the high school senior Wonderberg to teach a sixth grade Jesse how to properly work Logic and Garage Band on a Mac. Their first composition, "Little Bandit", began as a voice note which Andrew texted to Jesse at two in the morning. After a little production magic, the track turned into something special with its fingerpicked acoustic guitar and irresistible refrain taking

"There's not one specific genre," Jesse proclaims. "We classify ourselves as Windows Down, Stereo Up music. It appeals to a wide range of people, and it's meant to be catchy and make you feel good. We all have different tastes in music, and you can hear that within the music. That balance is becoming our signature."

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