Thirdstory began when Richard Saunders and Elliott Skinner were approached by their now manager, Marc Johnston, after performing at the YoungArts Singer/ Songwriter Showcase at Rockwood Music Hall in November 2013. Shortly after, the two were introduced to Ben Lusher, and the three committed to working on this collective project.

The band combines three artists who have traditional and technical music skills with current and creative pop culture vibes to create a distinct sound, that is unparalleled and has yet to be created by anyone in this generation. Thirdstory fuses the conventions of legends such as Crosby, Stills, and Nash with the currency of contemporaries like Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse. They combine their three unique personalities with their collective passion for music and simultaneously blur the lines between jazz, soul, and pop music, creating a unique modern sound.

Currently on the precipice of success, these three artists are still hopeful souls, eager to “make it” in the industry. However having just recently signed a development contract with Verve Music Group, a record label under Universal, Thirdstory is well on their way to becoming one of the most influential music groups of this decade.